Member of The Coracle SocietyWelcome to the World of Coracles website. Set up by Coracle Society member Euan Raffel, this website aims to provide a basic overview of coracles, as well as promoting their use today. This website also supports the work done by Dave Purvis (Ripon City Youth Arts), who tours the country promoting these ancient, multipurpose craft

As members of The Coracle Society, we are proud to support their work in raising awareness of coracles and work with them to encourage their use today. More details on The Coracle Society on this site.


Latest news and updates from World of Coracles

2012 events listings

We are in the process of confirming our events for 2012. More information will be posted on our Events page and on The Coracle Society website shortly


Coracle sales and builds

Unfortunately, we currently we have no coracles available for sale. Please check the noticeboard on The Coracle Society website where community members may have posted details of coracles for sale

Normally, we do not build coracles specifically for sale - our work focuses on the education sector (schools) and events where we exhibit and showcase coraclebuilding. We do occasionally run coracle build weekends, should there be sufficient demand. For more information, please contact us, or to commission a build with another coraclemaker please contact The Coracle Society directly, who should be able to get you in touch with a coraclemaker near you


The Coracle Society membership

Are you interested in joining The Coracle Society, or have forgotten to renew your membership for 2011? You can now manage your membership online, using your credit, debit card or PayPal account. More information is available on The Coracle Society website